When Art Enters Fashion: An Open Letter to Polma's Collaboration

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Quand l'Art s'Invite dans la Mode : Lettre ouverte à la collaboration avec Polma - Polma


Unique Opportunities

We extend a special invitation to you to bring your creativity and talent to the world and collaborate excellently with Polma. We believe in the power of art to create profound and inspiring connections, which is why we hope to provide you with a unique opportunity to share your artistic vision with the world. At Polma, we are not just an online store.

Enhancing the visibility of artists

We are a community dedicated to art, sustainability, and expressing ourselves through fashion. Our identity is based on promoting talented artists like you, showcasing your unique creations on high-quality clothing. Through collaboration PolmaYou will have the opportunity to transform your illustrations and designs into coveted fashion pieces. Our sustainable textile series provides an ideal canvas for expression, bringing your art to life in a new and exciting way. Your work will be proudly worn by those who appreciate creativity and artistic value. We believe in transparent and fair cooperation. When your work is selected for our collection, you can not only gain higher recognition as an artist, but also receive fair creative rewards.

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As a collaborative artist with Polma, you will become a part of a passionate community that values various forms of art. join Philip Jennick, Keutchi, Roman Lewis &There's more! You will have the opportunity to share your story, inspiration, and creative process with our attentive audience, strengthening your connection with fans and admirers. We invite you to join our artistic adventure and contribute to more meaningful and responsible fashion. We can motivate and positively influence people through art, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Don't wait anymore, become a part of fashion art and participate in development PolmaJoin us today to shape a future that blends art and fashion, creating unique and unforgettable experiences. Please contact us immediately to discuss this exciting collaboration opportunity. We can do great things together!


So don't hesitate, let go of yours Apply here.

With our sincere and creative greetings,

Boer Horse Team

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