Polma x Jenickae x Oui.romane x dirty drawing

Spring / Summer 2024

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Polma X Televisi Star

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Our Values

Art Celebration

In Polma, art is the core of our identity. We believe that the power of artistic expression can inspire and unite people. By collaborating with talented artists, we have brought unique, bold, and captivating designs to clothing. Each work is a canvas of expression, where artists can share their vision and clients can confirm their personal style. Our project celebrates various forms of creativity, making fashion a way to express our individuality.



We are firmly committed to sustainable development. Our project places great emphasis on creating sustainable clothing made of environmentally friendly materials. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining the quality and style of our products. By choosing responsible fashion, we hope to provide customers with sustainable clothing that respects the balance between design and environmental impact.


Neutral Style

Inclusiveness and style freedom are the core values of Polma. Our project emphasizes neutral fashion, allowing everyone to wear our work without worrying about gender stereotypes. We hope to establish a community where everyone can freely express themselves, free from social norms. Our brand celebrates diversity and individuality, inviting everyone to proudly embrace their authenticity.